Earning a place as one of the Best Doctors in America is a singular honor.

Dr. Mehdizadeh is proud to have the confidence of other physicians and patients to be chosen as the Best Doctors.

Best Doctors conducts an exhaustive, peer-reviewed survey of the medical profession, polling more than 50,000 medical experts in over 450 specialties and subspecialties worldwide. Doctors are asked to provide an assessment of the clinical abilities of their peers within each of the more than 400 subspecialties of medicine. The millions of individual data points collected through this process, after being compiled through algorithms that correct for statistical bias, yields the list of those physicians deemed “best” by their peers. Continuous peer-to-peer surveys help identify specialists who are considered by fellow physicians to be the most skilled in their fields and most qualified for reviewing and treating complex medical conditions.

Best Doctors objective is to identify the best trained, most experienced and most skilled specialists, regardless of where they practice. Only 5% of the doctors in any country are actually selected to become Best Doctors.

Best Doctors has earned a worldwide reputation for reliable, impartial results by remaining totally independent. Doctors are not paid to complete the survey, and cannot pay to be included in the database.

Dr. Mehdizadeh is honored to have been chosen by his peers as the top 5% of best doctors.