Total parenteral nutrition is basically food given by IV (through the vein) and is used when the gastrointestinal tract is not functional.  TPN provides all the essential nutrients including calories, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and water.  TPN is formulated and customized for each patient depending on their needs and their condition.  It is then adjusted and perfected during the course of treatment to match the patient’s needs.  TPN should be formulated and monitored by a physician with expertise in TPN management, nutrition as well as the disease that is causing the need for TPN.

Dr. Mehdizadeh is a TPN specialist with board certification in gastroenterology as well as nutrition.  He has helped hundreds of patients at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center or at home to receive IV nutrition while recovering from difficult surgery or going through cancer treatment.  Dr. Mehdizadeh personally monitors patient’s blood levels regularly and makes adjustments to their TPN to ensure a safe and customized treatment.

Often times TPN is left to be adjusted by the providing pharmacy because the ordering physician is not an expert in management of TPN.  Because the pharmacist has no detailed knowledge of the patient or their disease the TPN may not be tailored towards the patient’s condition and their specific needs.

Conditions where TPN may be used include short bowel syndrome, Severe chemotherapy side effects, certain cancers, bowel obstruction or during recovery from a difficult surgery.  TPN is often administered daily at the comfort of your home.

If you are told that you need TPN, contact our office for an urgent consult.  We are often able to start your TPN within a few days.  If you are already on TPN, call us if you wish to have a second opinion to review your TPN formula.